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Turkish Judicial Bastinado Art

From Spanking Blog: "Here's a Turkish scene of judicial punishment, with a man bound for the bastinado, a young lady tied for a caning, and another lass kneeling on the floor en dishabille, clutching at her welts." (More...)

Slavegirls Kneeling On Rice

From Bondage Blog: "If you thought the life of a bondage slavegirl was an easy one, you havenít been paying attention. Seriously, just the kneeling is painful enough. When was the last time YOU spent ten minutes knees-down on a hard surface without being able to shift or support your weight? But of course, Master is sadistic, thatís why heís called Master. So, it can always be worse. For instance, the kneeling surface can be prepped with hard rice. (Although I do believe split peas are more traditional, for their sharp edges.) If you think kneeling on a surface like this is no big deal, look at the ďafterĒ photo of one poor girl's suffering knee..." (More...)

Sweet Femdom Whipping

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "This rather cute femdom art caught my eye, because it shows three lovely young blonde ladies having fun with a hapless but perhaps-not-unhappy young man. Two of the three ladies have pleased-looking smiles on their faces, and the lady with the whip looks more intense than mean..." (More...)

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big black wooden spanking paddle

Heavy Wooden Paddle:
This thick wooden paddle is 3" wide on the business end. Similar in shape to a fraternity paddle, these paddles are patterned after the old Spencer paddle, a classic among spanking fans. Made of very strong 7-ply birch plywood...

leather tawse for spankings

English Schoolroom Tawse:
This implement is a must for English schoolgirl discipline scenes. This very fine, hand-crafted slapper has a rich, rusted-brown and black finish with an attractive tooled pattern on the handle. The English Tawse is split in two at the end, giving the implement its distinctive sting...

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