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Zombie Butt Sex

From Kinky Monster: "Poor girl, she's been grabbed by the hair by a scary festering zombie guy. And what does he do first? After giving her a good look at the warts and sores and exploding sores on his grungy dick, he shoves it right smartly up her quivering ass as she screams in protest. Next we see the extreme closeup of her stretched anal rosebud, as our kinky zombie monster-guy gets his lumpy cock shoved balls-deep in her anus and starts ramming away. She still doesn't look happy, and can you blame her? See also: Zombie Orgy." (More...)

Slavegirls Kneeling On Rice

From Bondage Blog: "If you thought the life of a bondage slavegirl was an easy one, you haven’t been paying attention. Seriously, just the kneeling is painful enough. When was the last time YOU spent ten minutes knees-down on a hard surface without being able to shift or support your weight? But of course, Master is sadistic, that’s why he’s called Master. So, it can always be worse. For instance, the kneeling surface can be prepped with hard rice. (Although I do believe split peas are more traditional, for their sharp edges.) If you think kneeling on a surface like this is no big deal, look at the “after” photo of one poor girl's suffering knee..." (More...)

Gorean Slavegirl Goes Sailing

From Bondage Blog: "This is from John Norman’s Renegades of Gor: Publia lay before me, on her stomach, over a pile of rope, aft on the deck of the Tais. Her head was down. Her neck was chained to a ring in the deck. “Please be kind to a woman who is now only a slave,” she said. I laughed, softly. She shuddered. She was pretty, lying on her belly, over the ropes, her head down. “Do not hurt me,” she begged. “That is muchly up to you,” I said. “I do not have any intention, at least at present, of hurting you. On the other hand, if you prove to be in the least disagreeable, do not fear, I will not hesitate to inflict discipline, and severe discipline, upon you." (More...)

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leather skirt leaves bottom bare for spanking

Leather Spanking Skirt:
Look gorgeous while receiving corporal punishment! This spanking skirt is made of soft garment leather. The front is a tailored leather skirt piece and the back is open to expose the bottom and thighs. It's 18" long, and has three straps that buckle at the waist, below the buttocks, and around the upper thighs.

leather tawse for spankings

English Schoolroom Tawse:
This implement is a must for English schoolgirl discipline scenes. This very fine, hand-crafted slapper has a rich, rusted-brown and black finish with an attractive tooled pattern on the handle. The English Tawse is split in two at the end, giving the implement its distinctive sting...

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