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Whipping Post Punished

From Spanking Blog: "Pain Gate traffics in whippings, pretty severe ones, usually involving bondage in gritty industrial settings. You can expect to see the whip striking home and leaving eye-opening welts..." (More...)

3D Kink: Bondage Fucktoys

From Bondage Blog: "I predict hours and hours of pervy kinky fun playing with the new 3d Kink software. A detailed tool/game for designing virtual women (and men, and furries, and pointy-eared elves, and chicks with dicks), posing them however you want, and playing with them sexually. Almost everything in the game can be customized -- poses, models, body parts, sex toys, even camera angles. As you can see from the gag and collar, 3D Kink (as you'd expect from any branded product) is very fetish-friendly..." (More...)

Mouthsoaping Ordeal For Emma

From Spanking Blog: "Here's a handful of mouthsoaping and spanking pictures that you kinky perverts will enjoy. They are from Bad Tushy, where sweet Emma has let her nasty foul mouth write a ticket her pretty ass cannot cash. Out comes the bar of soap and the vigorous lecture! Later, even after the spanking is over, the mouthsoaping is not. Emma is forced to kneel and think things over, with the sudsy bar still jammed in her mouth. Does she look sorry to you? I'm thinking she's still got trouble in her eyes..." (More...)

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heavy and sensuous leather flogger

Heavy Deerskin Flogger:
Deerskin's reputation for being thick, durable, and supple is fully felt in this flogger. The 35 long tails hang together well to deliver a deep and smooth impact. This flogger is capable of achieving gentle caresses as well as whopping thuds...

ball gag with o-rings

Deluxe Ball Gag:
The deluxe ball gag with o-rings is a simple, highly functional bondage ball gag. The black, non-toxic, rubber ball is flanked by soft, comfortable latigo leather bondage straps. The steel o-rings between the straps and the ball of the gag add flexibility around the ball, and multiple sizing notches allow a nice firm fit.

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